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Welcome to Child Meadow, a website dedicated to music reviews, festival coverage and song recommendations. My name is Chris Olson and I’ve been in the music industry for over 20 years now. In the 80s I was a guitarist in a band. Nowadays most of my time is spent playing the guitar in my small London flat. I’m also writing content here on Child Meadow, my home away from home. Inspiration for this website was mainly lack of things to do, and lots of free time that I now have since the retirement.

My plan with this website is to talk about new and interesting music that I find, post song covers, and in general just share my thoughts on todays music scene. Occasionally I visit music festivals and you can expect reports from there as well. Recently I bought a remote controlled FPV camera drone for recording video clips from festivals. Expect test footage as soon as the festival season kicks-off this summer.

Music is the love of my life

I fell in love with music when I was just a kid. It sounds like a cliche, but I first started listening to songs with my dad. He would play old records in the living room (yes, I’m very old) and I fell in love with music.

Growing up I continued listening to music on records players, stereos, walkmans, discmans, MP3 players and as of late an Android phone. Audiophiles have seem to come full circle because now records are again gaining in popularity.Soon I plan on getting my hands on a new record player to once again enjoy in vinyl quality sound.

After finishing up vocational school for an electrician, I started working right away. I found employment as a sound engineer for bands around London. Still making music is what I enjoyed doing the most. As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve done a short stint as a guitar player in a band. Sadly we didn’t manage to break through the noise, but I enjoyed the experience. Now that I’m older and retired I mostly just listen and write about music.

I like all kinds of music

Now for the most important question of them all, what kind of music do I like? Answer to that is again a rather cliched, I like all kinds of music.

Despite being a bit older, I kept with the times and embraced all the more modern types of music like dance, electronica, trip-hop, hip-hop, pop, heavy metal, indie folk, you name it. You’re probably surprised now that a guy in his sixties would even be familiar with these, let alone listen to them. It’s a side effect of my job. I was “the sound guy” for countless number of bands around London, and I fell in love with all kinds of music.

Truth be told, I am more familiar with older music genres. It’s what I listened when I was younger. I’m talking about music that kids these day wouldn’t even know about. Dixieland, bebop, hard bop are just some of the music genres that I like to say have been lost in time. Most of the younger generations aren’t even aware of their existence. It is a shame really because there are some great songs, real gems hidden in the past.

My plans for this website

Seeing how I’m sort of a mixed bag when it comes to music taste, not just when it comes to music genres, but also mixing past and present, I hope to be a bridge between generations. Plan is to write up about music bands, great albums, festivals that I visit, etc.

For example sometimes I end up on YouTube, and I find an interesting song in the ever helpful video suggestions sidebar. Once that that that happens I will make an article about it, tell my readers what a great new find I’ve made. Other times I will be looking up at music festivals. Usually I stick to festivals in and around the UK. Occasionally I will end up touring Europe, visiting cities like Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Boom and more.

Electrical gadgets and computers are not foreign to me. Child Meadow is entirely setup by me. You could say that I’m spending my retirement days living the life, 🙂 . I’ve been playing around with quadcopters for some time now, learning how to correct shaky cam issues in order to improve video quality when recording. One of the more ambitious projects of mine is making recordings of music festivals, the atmosphere there, using pocket sized drones and then sharing it with the world. Hopefully I’ll manage to capture interesting footage for my readers. A YouTube channel of my own is in the works. There the plan is to post not just footage from cheapest drone with camera, but also recordings of my acoustic song covers. Several of them are already recorded, I just need to find courage to publish them with the world.

Thank you for visiting

Thank you for coming to my website, I really appreciate it. You’ve made an old man very happy. I hope that you found interesting music, something that you didn’t know existed before.

I’ll try to post regularly but I’ve had some health issues lately. Don’t hold it against me if nothing gets posted for a week or two. I would love nothing more than hear music suggestions from my readers. Tell me what kind of songs you’re listening to. For that purpose I’ve setup the Contact page. Send me a message with any kind of other inquiries that you might have. If there’s anything wrong with the website, any of the info that I mentioned, please correct me.